Friday 15 April 2011


HP Cynic said:
I recently got into an argument with some "online folk" who genuinely believed that "giving 110%" was a valid statement and worthy goal.

They were soon smashed down with something called "reality" and maths but not before one of them pointed out that he won't recruit someone "who only gives 90-100%" because that means "they are cruising". I weep for humanity
The BigYin quotes someone saying: "It is in our company's DNA to give 110%" and then goes on to explain:
  1. Your company is not organic, it has no DNA
  2. Over-unity is not possible.
More dreadful observations at...

Old school football managers are often heard to confess they're "as sick as a parrot" because despite the lads "giving it 110 percent", their team has just taken a severe pasting. The problem is, 110 per cent just isn't enough of an overcrank for the modern world we live in.

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