Saturday 30 October 2010

Citizens can use lobbyists too


It is re-assuring to know, when reading the details of these campaigns that folk with more time and experience than me are on the case.

I'm a founding member of the open rights group.

The Open Rights Group is a fast-growing NGO focused on raising awareness of issues such as privacy, identity, data protection, access to knowledge and copyright reform.

Privatisation of Politicis

Is the privatisation of politics a good thing?
Is voting still enough?

You can now pick your own pressure groups and lobbyists to "educate" your elected leaders who are too busy to understand all the implications of the subtle plans of the other pressure groups and lobbyists.

You should vote, and you should also consider financially supporting groups who will watch out for your interests and fight for them on your behalf.

It can be easier to pay £5 per month than read all the new legislation and track the debates. And also more effective.

I'm a founding member of the open rights group, and I recommend all my friends to join.
We really need your support in our fight against threats like Mandelson’s disconnection proposals, Intercept Modernisation and Phorm. We depend on people like you: click here to join us as a supporter today.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

This is a stupid campaign. I polluted it by signing the petition with a comment to the effect that I disagreed with it. Only a fool pays taxes that don't need to pay. Osborne even has to pay an accountant to find out what he needs to pay and what he doesn't. The solution is to SIMPLIFY TAX LAW not pay extra tax voluntarily!

We KNOW Osborne pays his tax cos his accountant makes sure. You DON'T know if you pay yours! Simplify taxes! A witch hunt will get you too!

BTW I didn't mean to pollute the campaign with a negative signature, I just couldn't find any other outlet. (I since found their blog page and I posted on that)
‎38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change.

Monday 25 October 2010

Stop government snooping on email and Facebook

I'm also a founding member of the Open Rights Group

The government has announced that it will be spending up to £2 billion pounds into new ways to snoop on email and web traffic.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Oprhaned Works

An "orphaned work" is a creative work where the copyright holder doesn't care or doesn't exist. However if an orphaned work is then preserved it may gain value at a future date which would be a great incentive for the copyright owner to re-appear to exploit the value while simultaneously taking legal action against the the preservationist.

In the past when culture was stored on paper and transferred by the human voice, and copyright terms were very small this was less of a problem.

On the other hand we are still preserving more than we ever did in the past

SEWilco writes "A study by the Library of Congress has found that many audio recordings are being lost due to copyright restrictions and temporary media. Old audio recordings are protected by a various US state copyrights, so it's hard for preservationists to get and copy material...