Thursday 31 March 2011

Blah sexist feminists

I recently heard a famous feminist and comedienne complain about two men whose recently publicised private conversation used sexist terms when discussing a woman.

I felt that she had missed that the conversation was discussing the woman as a woman and not generally as a person, and that therefore sexist terms that apply only to a woman would be used.

One of my general rules in life is: never talk to a feminist - because they are always looking to pick a fight; and this one was.

But I wonder if my rule is a bad one - if all men follow it then feminists will only speak to boisterous men which not doubt inflames and justifies their distorted view.

In any case this particular feminist (who I had never heard of and whose name I forget) was hardly even paying attention to the conversation and seemed to be just taking an opportunity to speak and interrupt as much as she could.

So I'm anti-feminist - because they hate all men anyway.

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