Tuesday 14 December 2010

I finally got a new phone

I've been using an old HTC TytnII (Kaiser) with Android 2.2 forced into it - but it doesn't quite work right.

I've been holding out for something good with a build in keyboard but they all cost around 400 quid! Forget that!

I finally got an Orange San Francisco (which is really a branded ZTE Blade) on sale at 85.00 with another £14.00 off with my phone fund, so it cost me £70 which is very good.

It also came with a "free" £55 ghastly plastic "LTD brand" watch which must be worth all of 99p - it's like those nice metal citizen watches you used to be able to get, only made out of white plastic.

If I wore my jeans halfway down my thighs, had those weird white shoes that get your feet wet and my hair plastered to my face with grease it would look real nice - only I don't; and if I wear it people will think I'm a refugee.

My phone is now running Modaco's customized ROM - seems to be Android 2.2 although I thought I'd installed the custom 2.1

So what makes the ZTE Blade worth getting?
  1. 1. good hackability (HTC make the best phones but they lock the bootloaders - idiots)
  2. 2. the screen is the same resolution 800x480 as the Dell Streak which was my next favourite.
  3. 3. almost all the features of the £400.00 phones with less than 25% of the price. What's missing? just missing a case - no trouble - £3 on ebay

Orange is the only brand in the UK where if you get a fault with something you buy online you can't take it back to a shop - yes, Orange retail is a different company - but they are very helpful.

Took ages and 2 attempts to get my sim registered properly (a necessary pre-cursor to getting a replacement phone).

My £10 credit still hasn't come through, I as chasing that today and got a text saying it could take 5 working days! perhaps they are waiting for an inter-departmental cheque to clear?

And then I need to merge with my old number... or maybe just use up the credit and ask for a new 3G SIM on my old account.

The San Francisco from Orange in grey offers a range of great mobile features such as free Christmas gift on pay-as-you-go, 3-megapixel camera, 3G+, Android v2.1. Available on pay as you go and pay monthly contract from Orange

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