Saturday 3 December 2005

When ASDA don’t stock

ASDA have been really annoying lately being out of stock of various items; mainly organic milk which costs about 5p more per 6 pints and tastes smoother and less harsh, and perhaps less dodgy hormones in it (here’s hoping).

They seem to have sorted out the Organic Milk problem by changing the colours of the bottle tops from blue or green, to white - which presumably stops them from getting mixed up in the warehouse, thus they can always find it and deliver it; so far so good. I’ll forgive then from being short of suet 2 consecutive visits because it is Christmas pudding season.

This time it was maternity towels. I don’t know why ASDA stopped selling maternity towels, but a nice man named S____ is going to find out and phone me back on Monday or Tuesday.

The point is; and I made this very clear; if I have to go to Morrisons to get maternity towels, I may as well get all my shopping there; “..don’t you think?” I asked S_____. He wisely refrained from answering. I suggested that I might even prefer Morrissons if I tried it; but S_____ would not be drawn.

Maternity towels aren’t something a person needs very often, and it looks like someone at ASDA foolishly thinks thats the point. The point is this: they had better be darned sure I’m not going to prefer Morrissons before driving me in that direction.

I may never come back; and as maternity towels indicate a new family member thats a lifetime of shopping they could be missing out on.

On small moments…


  1. […] I’ve explained previously what I think of ASDA but I was still under the illusion that being nearby was the same as convenient. […]

  2. Hi Sam,
    I’ve suffered similar inconvenience from ASDA, they were advertising half price Chablis over Christmas, my wife and I like Chablis so I trundled down to the local ADSA (I don’t normally shop there) only to find an empty space on the shelf where the nationally advertised Chablis would have been, several visits later I enquired with the Customer Services to be told they were waiting for it to come into stock. Well it never did, I tried several stores in the area to no avail, eventually Tesco matched their price and actually had boxes of the stuff in all their stores.
    As for ebuyer, I’ve only bought one item from them (an mp3 player), the first was dead on arrival, it was replaced ok on their fairly cumbersome returns system and the replacement continues to work ok.