Tuesday 17 January 2006

Sweet KDE file views

Take a look at this KDE4 screenshot.

It looks like it merges the GNOME button address bar AND the old typeable address bar. Sweet! Just what I wanted!

The whole lot of screenshots look amazing. Usually such screenshots are more a way to show off wallpaper that the GUI, but KDE4 makes me say I want it.

I tried KDE3 over GNOME, but the blinding appearance overcame the lack of usability in GNOME, so I stuck with GNOME. I can’t exmaplin what is wrong with KDE3 look and feel that is fine with GNOME, although I can say it isn’t the paucity (lack) of being able to do things in general with GNOME.

Another annoyance with GNOME. I want to turn off my grid for my desktop layout but not for folder layouts, and I want the default view for lots of folders or non-image files to be list view.

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