Thursday 5 January 2006

Prank Callers

Recently, twice a day my home telephone is called by 0141 301 8000. When I answer, the caller hangs up, and if I return the call they hang up immediately.

0141 is a Glasgow area code, home to many call centres (bless them) and I suspect one me these is home to a rouge dialer, either that or they don’t have enough staff to take my call when I answer. However, nigh on twice a day for a week is too much, and my guess about a call centre might even bestow too much legitimacy to the incidents. Something must be done.

Treating the whole thing as maliciously executed by an unknown human, I call my BT operator to see what remedies they offer these days. Without the need to speak to a human, I am directed to call 0800 661441 where I am entertained with useful and practical ways to deal with prank callers. Finally, the robot voice offers me free caller ID if I take it at the same time as BT register my number with the telephone preference service, (which they also offer to do).

Bargain! So I can’t stop the calls, but I can avoid answering to those idiots, and I get caller ID as sort of compensation - with a marginal cost to BT of nill, and without them even needing to involve any expensive customer service call handlers. Big wins all round, them. Oh, apart from the call centres who will have to stop calling me in 28 days, thanks to the idiots behind 0141 3018000.

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