Thursday 31 March 2011

My letter to John Trickett, MP

Please forward to ministers Ed Vaizey and Jeremy Hunt my concerns at their plans to allow businesses to decide on a motive of profit the parts of the Internet that should be accessible to British citizens, and which British Citizens should be permitted to use the internet.

There are no shortage of "Pharoah's Magicians" in the lobby's of government selling the idea that there is always a technical solution for whatever problem ails us - even though this has never yet been the case.

Government censorship has a long and fine tradition, practised across the world from the USA to China, but it is dignified in some way by the fact that it is done in the name of preserving the stability of the government and nation.

Auctioning off the right of censorship to non-natural persons (companies) to wield for their own profit is laughable and an indication as to who the real masters-in-government are; i.e. not the elected members of parliament at all.

If the copyright holders can't turn a profit then they need to look at how they do their business and not diversify into nation-oppression. They should make use of legal remedies that do exist instead of seeking authority that allows them to sidestep the judiciary and elected members of parliament.

If my freedom of speech is to be suppressed it will be by Her Majesty's Government and not some temporary conglomerate of national and foreign entertainment industries.

If propping up the failing entertainment industry is the best that ministers Ed Vaizey and Jeremy Hunt have got to work on, they should step aside.


Sam Liddicott

Blah sexist feminists

I recently heard a famous feminist and comedienne complain about two men whose recently publicised private conversation used sexist terms when discussing a woman.

I felt that she had missed that the conversation was discussing the woman as a woman and not generally as a person, and that therefore sexist terms that apply only to a woman would be used.

One of my general rules in life is: never talk to a feminist - because they are always looking to pick a fight; and this one was.

But I wonder if my rule is a bad one - if all men follow it then feminists will only speak to boisterous men which not doubt inflames and justifies their distorted view.

In any case this particular feminist (who I had never heard of and whose name I forget) was hardly even paying attention to the conversation and seemed to be just taking an opportunity to speak and interrupt as much as she could.

So I'm anti-feminist - because they hate all men anyway.