Tuesday 9 December 2014

On conspiracy theories...

The (perhaps hasty) assumption that conspiracy theory deniers are not a spook-stooge becomes evidence in favour of such theories.

Un-initiated, and without conscious inducement they defend such organisations as may exist.

By induction this may apply to various degrees at various levels, each person doing what they think is right and natural, a little self serving here and there - but selected because their resultant actions are convenient.

If you want a deed doing, find someone who wants to do the deed and let them do what they want. No direct commuication or coercion required. Their visible well meaning is all the better a disguise.

The strength of any conspiracy theory is it's veracity which trumps all so-called weaknesses.

Veracity is naturally hard to measure, particularly against a weakness of the defensibility of a theory when mistaken for a weakness of the theory.

A weakness of the theory would relate to difficulty for the parties of the theory to act according to the theory.

A weakness of the defensibility of the theory would be an implausibility of the theory which depends largely on the experiences of the listener and less on the theory itself.

What works wins. Does there have to be a grand design, or will natural selection work? or is that the grand design? I note that some players win many games of chess despite the implausibility of long term prediction of the opponents moves.

Let the hungriest power mongers fight it out, and nudge to authority those who can be led by their desires. And then lead them. That's the world we live in, and it has typically been so.

I happen to believe that the one with the most power is good, known as God, who does not enforce but rather invites, who can deliver the captives of the mighty and the prey of the terrible. This does not absolve me of responsibility but rather realises it.

And this is why I like Christmas. The birth of the one who was not deceived, who followed the will of the Father and provides the means to escape for all who will.

Hows that for a Christmas sermon? I can't apologise - for the ideas are inseparable; we can't save ourselves.

I think that a typical defence against truth is to find a reason not to listen. We cannot bear the horror of the world we live in, and pretend it is just about starving orphans in war torn droughts, attacks on the liberty of good manners and lazy rich people who've taken all the money.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Don't be illl (sic)

The danger of lapsing into sickness.

We think one small affliction will do us no harm, and maybe even some good - but then we find it becomes habit forming and we can hardly manage to get well again.

Consider the virtue of procrastination. Why get sick today if you can be sick tomorrow - or even next week!

Even better, make it a new years resolution and put it off for years. If you can procrastinate sickness, then maybe try to put off that final exit from life!

You know it makes sense!