Friday 26 February 2021

Jovano Jovanke

 Johnathon, Oh Johnny is my answer to Jovano Jovanke.

The original folk song lycrics are sung beautifully by Biljana Krstic

MacedonianEnglish translation[6]

Јовано, Jованке
Jовано, Jованке
Крај Вардарот седиш, мори
Бело платно белиш,
Бело платно белиш, душо
Се нагоре гледаш. (X2)

Jовано, Jованке,
јас те тебе чeкам, мори
Дома да ми дојдеш,
А ти не доаѓаш, душо
Срце мое, Jовано. (X2)

Jовано, Jованке,
Твојата мајка, мори
Тебе не те пушта,
Крај мене да дојдеш, душо
Срце мое, Jовано. (X2)

Jovana, Jovanka,
you sit by the river,
bleaching your white linen,
bleaching your white linen, my dear,
looking upward. (X2)
Jovana, Jovanka,
I'm waiting for you
to come to my home,
and you don't come, my dear,
my heart, Jovana. (X2)

Jovana, Jovanka,
your mother
doesn't let you
come to me, my dear,
my heart, Jovana. (X2)

A more up-to-date rendering of this timeless piece is provided for the youth to reflect their own faults instead of blaming their parents.

Johnathon, my Johnny

Johnathon, oh Johnny
You sit in your bedroom, playing on your computer
instead of studying, my dear
sitting with the curtains shut

Johnathon, my Johnny
I'm waiting here for you
To come to my home,
But you don't come, my dear,
My dear, my Johnny.

Johnathon, oh Johnny
Your mother, won't let you,
your school work isn't done
Oh dear, oh Johnny.

© Sam Liddicott 2021
And if you got this far, don't miss Biljana singing the original.