Tuesday 26 August 2014

I wonder

I wonder

I wonder where I'm going
andI wonder where I've gone,

I wonder what I'm doing here
andwhen I'm moving on

I wonder when I'm going
asI think on where I've been

I wonder what I'm going for

whatever can it mean:

This coming and this going

from there and place to place

whatever do I do it for;

I know it's not a race

I wonder what I'm doing

what I'm here for anyhow

And does it really matter

If I don't do it now?

I know it has a reason

but what that is I don't know

I've tried to find out all my life

I have to find out so —

I'll remember where I'm going
andI'll know just where I've been

I'll know quite what I'm going for
andremember what I've seen

 (c) 1991 Sam Liddicott
I found this a bit sickly at the time and my view hasn't changed much in the last 23 years. verse 2 and 3 were scribbled through but I've included them here.

Inspired by mission transfers; and the first couple of minutes of this video:

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