Wednesday 20 June 2007

Terminal Servers

I recently bought a Chase IOLAN RACK+ on ebay, only to find the built in switched mode PSU was clicking away like a broken thing.

The vendor generously offered a refund and let me keep it to repair or dipose of.

I then bought what I thought was another Chase IOLAN RACK+, but it fact it was the non-rack DB25 version with external PSU.

I decided they probably had the same voltages, so I could swap the PSU around, and with a bit of metal bending get things working for the RACK model.

While prodding the RACK+ PSU with my voltmeter to work out how to splice in the new PSU it suddenly started working; I guess the problem is most likely dry joints.

Next I find that my RJ45-DB9 cisco console cables don’t work. I find the Cisco pinout at and by conferring with the Chase manual, come up with this  colour mapping.

IOLAN / Cisco Cable mappings
IOLAN CISCO RJ45 Names RJ45 DB9 DB9 Names
2 Black RTS 1 8 CST
8 Brown DTR 2 6 DSR
4 Red TXD 3 2 RXD
6 Orange GND 4 5 GND
  Yellow GND 5 5 GND
5 Green RXD 6 3 TXD
3 Blue DSR 7 4 DTR
7 White/Grey CTS 8 7 RTS

I cut off the RJ45 from the Cisco cables and make my own, which work fine!

So, as I crimp on a new RJ45, my colour mapping is:
with yellow dangling/

Hurrah! I can now control 16 devices at once using debian’s cylcades-serial-client; all much more satisfactory that USB com ports which have given me no end of trouble.

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