Saturday 20 May 2006

BBC and FLASH on Linux

It looks like the BBC web team have changed the way they detect flash support in various browsers.

For example CBeebies pages like Tots-TV no longer work for me.

Where I was able to view flash in BBC websites, I now cannot, even though I can use flash in other websites like

I have multiple computers running the official flash 7 plugin from macromedia, with a firefox browser and Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Flash works fine for my family on many sites, and used to work on BBC until recently.

A common error with flash  support detection java script is for the person who wrote the script to think that they have covered all cases.

A common unfortunate consequence is for the flash detection javascript to actually be the obstacle instead of the helper.

Flash detection code should offer help or support in case things turn out to work but the  default fallback should always be to try the usual standard way of doing things without clever browser specific tricks.

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