Wednesday 1 February 2006

Amarok Spasms

Amarok happens to be the best media player out there. Apart from windows media player which I think is pretty hard to beat, but Amarok has all the essential features.

Sadly, recent Ubuntu KDE updates have had Amarok unable to run more than a few seconds, so after depriving my family of music for a few days I came home to find my daughter trying to stuff what turned out to be compact discs into the CD player. She was doing it right, it just un-nerved me.

Time to get out the Breezy backports from Dapper Drake and see if a new Amarok fixes things for me.

I used source-o-matic to cough up the latest official backports repository to add to my /etc/apt/sources.list

This gives me Amarok 1.3.7 which thankfully does manage to stay up for more than a few seconds.

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