Monday 21 November 2005

Stinkin’ GNOME file dialogs

AGGGH. The thing I like about Microsoft’s file dialogs is that they don’t get in the way and they let me do what I want.

The thing that makes be so angry with the GNOME dialogs and with quite a lot of GNOME things is that they make it so simple it becomes quite complicated to do things that are simple under windows.


Under windows I can paste a filename into a file open dialog and press ENTER - job done!

Under GNOME, I have to click through a bit at a time, waiting 10 seconds for the dialog to populate the file listing at some points, and then finally locate the file I need. I hate it. I hate GNOME when it makes me do that.



  1. next time, try ctrl+l when the dialog appears - you’ll be able to move to a specific directory (with tab completion) and/or open a specific file. ;-)

  2. […] Thanks for to ebassi who answered my rant about the GNOME file dialogs. ctrl+L is the answer. While thanking you I can’t help wondering why it is so obscure. The Mac GUI may have no shortcut keys and I had mistaken GNOME successful hiding as the same deficiency. […]